We are a Mexican Company with a plant located in Silao, Guanajuato, where we have grown, produced and harvested the Nopal plant since 1995.
Along with a team of specialists in agricultural research and development, we have been placing our outmost attention into the supervision and selection of all planting, irrigating and harvesting, along with all procedures required in the processing of the products we commercialize.

We control the entire array of processes required to take our product from planting all the way to its final packaging, thus allowing us to provide the highest degree of quality for the Mexican as well as the international markets.

In a nutshell, we are a group of people interested in creating and promoting a healthy product which is very proudly MEXICAN.


Hard work and enthusiasm brought together a group of people, to produce an insect used for coloring, from its first stages, all the way trough collecting and processing. After thorough research we discovered that the best production was obtained by feeding them the Nopal plant.

Therefore, although in its original stage it was conceived as food to produce the Cochinilla from which Carmine acid, a natural tint, is obtained. After identifying general nutritional benefits inherent to the Nopal, we specifically studied its health benefits for humans. Once these benefits were identified, we decided to focus on planting and growing the Nopal using the best known methods, such as organically treating it, which involves using procedures that do not harm the soil nor the Nopal's properties. In short, we do not use any type of agrochemicals for its growth.