Nopal (Opuntia ficus indica): Dehydrated and packaged in 470 gram cans, to be used as a nutritional supplement.
Nopal in its natural form ready for replanting.
Prickly pear or "Tuna": In bulk ready for planting.

Xoconostle in bulk and ready for planting.

We use only 100% natural products in all processes, from planting to harvesting.

We dehydrate the Nopal when it has reached its optimal stage for consumption, thus allowing us to provide its maximum level of nutritional properties.


Our Products:

  • Nopal deshidratado en polvo, tira y cubo

    Saco de 25 Kilos a granel, polvo, tira y cubo.

  • Nopal enchilado o salado
    Presentación: saco de 25 kilos

  • Pulpa de Nopal Congelado
    Presentación: caja de 30 Libras

  • Nopal Congelado en Block o IQF
    Presentación: caja de 30 libras

  • Xoconostle enchilado o salado
    Presentación: saco de 25 kilos

  • Nopal en escabeche

    Presentación: Bolsa de 0.500, cubeta de 4,10 y 15 Kilos.

  • Planta de nopal para siembra

  • Planta de Xoconostle para siembra


All our products are Certified Organic and Kosher.